Baking Essentials

Baking Essentials

For an avid baker baking essentials are utmost necessary. This list of tools; from a whisk to the rolling pin all will help & organize your baking and making it effortless. A few are must-have whether you are a beginner or a veteran you can't substitute for the best results. These tools are absolutely essential for your kitchen. You can start adding in a few time after time because some are crucial others is not as much as you think, but these tools are tried-and-tested to make recipes quicker and easies. 

Food ProcessorFood Processor: This is my favorite and most useful for any kitchen due to its ability for multi-functioning for sweet and savory dishes, many cakes recipes call for such multi-purpose equipment. 
Pastry Blender

Pastry Blender: Pie dough, biscuits, scones dough needs the pastry blender to cut cold butter into tiny bits. For a good crust or pastry a basic formula is Flaky dough=tiny butter bits, so this too essential for your baking.

SpatulasSpatulas and whisk: I use them from stirring, mixing, scraping the sides of bowls, and very important for spreading and applying frosting to cooking. I love to use them and always call them an acute tool for my cooking and baking. Always choose good quality spatulas for heavy-duty. Must buy an offset spatula. for better frosting. A wire whisk you should have for your everyday chores, this works great for your stirring job in any recipe. 
Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls: Different sizes of mixing bowls are should be a part of your kitchen for making batter as well as for whisking and transferring the mixtures and also for the use in microwave. Always look for heavy-duty and microwave-safe glassware.

Baking PansBaking Pans: I always recommend at least 3 9-inch cake pans for 3tier cakes, 2 9-inch square pans, 2 12-count muffin pans, 1 9-inch pie plate, 1 9x5 loaf pan in your kitchen that is more often will be in your requirement. I would not recommend for brand, everything is available online, shop according to your choice but go for non-stick pan because they are better insulated therefore baking will be more evenly. 

Half Sheet Pans: A set of sheet pans are crucial for baking and will be in use most of the time pan in your kitchen. These will solve the purpose for both sweet and savory recipes and for cookies, I would say must-have.

Pastry Brush: This tool is used to grease a pan before pouring the batter or to coat them with melted butter or egg wash. you need this handy and easy to use tool for every session of your baking

Oven Thermometer:  Any recipe calls for 350 degrees F temperature and you set your oven on this but it might not be really on 350 degrees F inside. Incorrect temperature makes your baked product spoil, so the use of an oven thermometer is inexpensive to avoid this mess. Place it in your oven so that you know the actual temperature. 

Stand Mixer
Hand Mixer/Stand Mixer: More often I use hand mixer than a stand mixer, it is completely easy to use affordable for mixing and whisking that does not mean stand mixer is not worth of use if you can afford both its good to use. If you have to make a big amount of batter use of stand mixer is always preferable, but hand mixer is always good for a beginner as well as for small amounts to mix.

Food ScaleFood Scale: Art of baking always a stickler about the accuracy of the measurement. A small kitchen scale is most essential to every baker. Baking always calls for precision any miss measurement can create disaster because a cup is not actually a unit of measurement so always measure in grams.

Sifter:  It’s inextensible and crucial for sifting and aerates dry ingredients to avoid lumps in the batter. This step is not for any formality but essential for spongy and fluffy cakes.

Cooling RacksCooling Racks: The purpose of the cooling rack is getting air through the bottom portion of the pan so that the process of cooling the cake pan and cookies becomes fast. Cooling rack is imperative for even cooling process and proper and timely cooling makes baked products better in the form.

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand: Frosting round cake becomes easier with this because it allows you to stand one spot and view all sides of cakes by revolving.